Did you know that the most common cause of mechanical breakdown on the highway is cooling system failure? And with the amount of light metal alloys used in engines, transmissions and cooling systems, that repairs that result from overheating can be extremely costly?

Your car’s coolant plays a vital role in the performance and longevity of your car. It is the primary way in which your car’s engine rids itself of potentially damaging heat. Heat that when not properly removed can lead to diminished performance and eventually mechanical breakdown.

Unlike your car’s engine oil, most of your cooling system’s fluid is not replaced with a typical drain-and-fill service. In fact, the traditional cooling drain-and-fill service replaces only about 50 percent of the used coolant. The remainder is trapped inside the engine, heater core and various lines.

To make matters worse, the addition of fresh coolant can actually loosen damaging rust and scale deposits within your cooling system, which can lead to blockage and potentially overheating.

But there’s a better way. Wynn’s patented Cooling System Flush Service.

Wynn’s Cooling System Flush Service utilizes specially-designed equipment that hooks up to your car’s cooling system and with the use of custom-blended chemicals, safely power flushes out old coolant and contaminants. Fresh coolant is then pumped in along with proprietary conditioners that revitalize the seals of your cooling system.

Wynn’s Cooling System Service is approved by major car manufacturers.
Benefits of Wynn’s Cooling System Service.

  • Provides the best method of factory recommended cooling system service.
  • Protects against coolant contamination.
  • Removes rust and scale deposits that can cause overheating and breakdown.
  • Protects against cooling system leaks.

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